Talent strategy

  • Talent strategy

    Talent is the enterprise survival and development of strategic resources, transfer surplus group always adhere to "people-oriented" talent concept, actively create a respect, understanding, trust and friendly atmosphere, respect for knowledge and talents, establish and improve the multi-channel and diverse talent introduction, selection, development mechanism, provide growth platform for talents, strong support of sustainable development, and make talent enterprises to reach the company grow together, common development and talents.

  • Talent team

    Guided by the quality, ability and performance, construction of key around three teams: build a contingent of high-caliber management cadres, professional and technical personnel and reserve personnel.

  • Cultivation of talents

    Education is the foundation of choose and employ persons. Based on the characteristics of different types, different levels talents, innovative personnel training mechanism, and perfecting the theory training and practice exercise, domestic cultivation and training abroad, short-term training and vocational education, such as organic combination, establish a broad and multi-level, open system of personnel training, build up conform to the new mode of cultivating talents in group enterprise environment.

  • Special training

    Special training

  • Young and middle-aged cadres training

    Young and middle-aged cadres training

  • Credentials the exercise

    Credentials the exercise

  • Business training

    Business training