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Hangzhou xiaoshan international airport 2.3 MWp operation of photovoltaic power station was built

Date: 2017-03-06

           Located in hangzhou xiaoshan international airport cargo terminal roof 2.3 MWp distributed photovoltaic projects on June 20, 2016 through the acceptance, xiaoshan district, hangzhou city, the state grid electric power supply company production run smoothly, and connected to the national grid. The project is a subsidiary by zhejiang new group co., LTD. Zhejiang hui surplus electronics co., LTD and putney solar power (hangzhou) co., LTD. Jointly invest in the construction, investment 18 million yuan, xiaoshan district, hangzhou city, the distributed photovoltaic demonstration projects built the largest monomer, at the same time, the project is the first in zhejiang province airport distributed photovoltaic power station, using the roof has an area of 2.4 square kilometers, a total of 8976 pieces of 255 wp polycrystalline silicon photovoltaic module, photovoltaic inverter adopts 69 KWP 33 huawei group type series inverter, with a total installed capacity of 2.3 MWp distributed photovoltaic power station, the power to take "spontaneous for private use, Internet access, excess capacity," means, with a 380 v voltage level distribution network users access to xiaoshan airport side. Is expected in 2.76 million degrees, compared with the traditional thermal power, save 994 tons of standard coal, 2760 tons of carbon dioxide emissions. The project completed grid make xiaoshan international airport in zhejiang province's first "green airport", the distributed photovoltaic project development and construction in our province has a positive exemplary and leading role.

           Zhejiang new group co., LTD. Has been attached great importance to energy construction and investment since 2009 has successively set up mainly energy business, a subsidiary of putney solar power (hangzhou) co., LTD and zhejiang hui electronics co., LTD., increase investment in energy, especially the development of photovoltaic power station construction. Putney and remit company are national high-tech enterprises, with the top level of technology and management team, is to provide a full range of solar solutions company. High efficiency thin film solar technology with independent intellectual property rights, the photoelectric conversion efficiency and cost are the core parameters, such as the world leading level. The company has in zhejiang, jiangsu, shandong, and henan and other places in xinjiang construction of several large ground power station and distributed the roof. In addition to xiaoshan airport projects, including national four big park of zhejiang overseas pioneer park, the well-known domestic enterprises, jianghuai auto photovoltaic power station project, has been built and set up photovoltaic power station capacity nearly 200 mw.