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Director unit visit zhejiang hui surplus electronics co., LTD

Date: 2017-03-06

        On May 5, ruian, ruian, deputy director of the government office working committee secretary of the chamber of commerce in hangzhou Wang Huan stop, standing vice President of chamber of commerce square ZhongLiang, Huang Anjie, vice President of Chen Lianqin, director CenE, such as a line of 12 people, to the sea and visit the garden we zhejiang hui surplus electronics co., LTD.

        The chairman of the board of directors of the company under the warm reception and introduction of YuXiQing, chamber of commerce members visited the solar power system and listened to the enterprise's development plan, and expand the positive discussion and interaction; Chamber of commerce cooperation unit: the bank of Shanghai, hangzhou sales department governor pre-kindergartners LuanXiaoHua, vice President, Yu Bin and others also took part in the interaction and provide financial support to enterprises are proposed.