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Solar LED lighting system and working principle

Date: 2017-03-06
        Solar is the most direct the most common and most clean energy, solar energy as a renewable energy, ju can reach the surface of the earth every day of radiant energy is equal to about 250 million barrels of oil that can be said to be unlimited, unlimited. LED the spectra of almost all concentrated in the visible light spectrum, high luminous efficiency, so it is generally thought, energy-saving lamps save energy 4/5 is a great invention, but the LED energy saving a quarter than energy-saving lamps, this is a solid light source is more great reform.
        Solar LED lighting integrates the advantages of solar energy and LED.
        System consists of the solar cell components (including stent), LED lamp holder, the control box (a controller, battery) and a few light pole parts; Solar panels 127 wp/m2 light efficiency, high efficiency, the wind resistant design for the system is very good; With 1 w white LED lamp holder part on the printed circuit board in yellow and 1 w LED integration as a certain distance between lattice as a plane light source.
        Control box body with stainless steel as the material, attractive and durable; Control box placed maintenance-free lead-acid battery and charging and discharging controller.
        Working principle of the system is simple, the use of light born V effect principle of solar cells, solar panels during the day to receive solar radiation and translated into electricity output, after stored in the storage battery charging and discharging controller, the night when the illumination was gradually reduced to about 10 lux, solar panels around the open circuit voltage of 4.5 V, 8.5 hours to charge and discharge pool discharge, charge and discharge controller action, battery discharge end. Main function is to protect the storage battery charging and discharging controller.