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Hui surplus 1.5 MW solar grid power station reported

Date: 2017-03-06
        Through the joint efforts of two months, zhejiang overseas high-level talents innovation park is set up on the roof of rows of sky blue solar energy silicon panels. This is the park of zhejiang hui surplus electronics co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as the hui surplus) investment more than one thousand ten thousand yuan by the construction of 1.5 mw distributed photovoltaic power projects.
        Solar energy as one of the safest most clean and green energy, and its effect in energy conservation and emissions reduction in full compliance with national new energy development trend, in the adjustment of national policy guidance, industry from "export-led" into healthier lasting "demand-pull mode". It collected according to the sunlight on the roof, into electricity to power station for use by businesses, so as to realize the energy saving. In the roof installed solar energy components, not only have a protective effect on the roof, the roof of also beautify the campus environment.
        Zhejiang overseas high-level talents innovation park (hereinafter referred to as the "sea garden) and is located in the west of hangzhou, the core block of kechuang industrial concentration area, solar photovoltaic power station construction on the sea and the garden 4 #, 5 #, 6 #, # # 14, # 15, 18, 19 # building roof, with a total area of 25500 square meters. All adopt the project of power generation and interconnection on the spot, the surplus electricity on the Internet ", through the spontaneous for personal use, building public compensation in both neither takes up extra land, but also through the short distance transmission to relieve the tense situation, electricity and significant energy conservation and emissions reduction benefits.
        The photovoltaic power station project working fixed number of year for 25 years, with a total installed capacity of 1.5 MW, expected power generating capacity is 1.7 million degrees. Compared with traditional coal-fired power, the project a year on average accumulative total of combustion of about 680 tons of standard coal, reduce carbon emissions is about 1700 tons, reducing emissions of sulfur dioxide, about 51 tons. Calculated according to the scale level, 25 years is expected to total energy conservation and emissions reduction benefits to save 17000 tons of standard coal, reduce carbon emissions by about 42500 tons, reduce sulfur dioxide emissions about 01300 tons, compared with thermal power field, but also of standard coal saving, fresh water, but also can save coal and residue of transportation cost.
        Solar energy as a new green energy, low carbon environmental protection not only, and have good economic benefit. By the calculation, the power station begins formally put into use, on August 1, to August 31, has been a month of time, a total of 156172 degrees, 5037 degrees per day on average. Install batch solar silicon panels on the roof of a factory, every arrive the summer, workshop temperature can drop 5 ℃ ~ 6 ℃, can effectively reduce the energy consumption of air conditioning.
        Summer, the enterprise into the peak season, at this point, it is also the photovoltaic power station power generation efficiency is higher, as a result, not only ensures that the power of the enterprise itself and also relieve the pressure of power supply. In addition, the annual peak, state grid does not generally to the use of renewable energy companies to electricity or without electricity. On the other hand, as a new energy enterprise, invested by hui surplus hooked up to the roof of the power station, the photovoltaic enterprise own electricity to ensure roof first owner, over consumption of electricity enterprises, can enter the national grid.
It is worth mentioning that in addition to the project, transfer surplus also invested in wenzhou first rooftop photovoltaic power station connected to the grid enterprises. Of a number of photovoltaic power station, set up by the hui surplus all through the acceptance and normal operation, have produced good economic and social benefits.
        With the support of relevant government departments and new group, in the next few years, hui surplus plans to build capacity for 80 to 100 megawatts grid photovoltaic power station, the total generating capacity of up to 100 million degrees, to solve the problem of more corporate power. With the large-scale development and utilization of new renewable energy sources such as solar energy, the energy structure of our country and the world is bound to have a big adjustment, foreseeable future solar will get unprecedented development, human civilization will be a higher level!
        Fung, Zhang Yanlin, zhang HuoDongXu
        On September 1, 2015