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2016 annual summary

Date: 2017-03-05

        Time pass by, fingertips, ushered in the annual conference.

        On January 20, 2017, zhejiang hui surplus electronics co., LTD. All the staff in binjiang song mountains hyatt hotel hosted the 2016 annual meeting, the chairman YuXiQing with the leaders and the company all staff to participate. The conference by surplus electronics co., LTD., zhejiang putney solar power (hangzhou) co., LTD., wenzhou port macro new energy co., LTD., the staff had a memorable and happy time together.

The conference included year-end summary, annual dinner, lucky draw.

        Annual summary in the process, the chairman YuXiQing made 2016 annual summary report and 2017 work plan. Report, concerns the chairman summed up the three companies in 2016, obtained the excellent result, also mentioned the improvements and 2017 key engineering projects and goals. Let all the staff heart surging, expect very much! The end of the report in a fierce applause!

        Dinner, the company leadership carefully prepared various prizes for employees, including apple watches, Australian sheep woolen blanket, electric pressure cooker, hanging ironing machine, etc., to draw the prize of the staff all excited, scene hot boiling.

        The New Year, new challenge, transfer surplus electronics in 2017 will again and again!